At a young age, Randy developed as an auto mechanic, harnessing his problem solving abilities to deduce how machines work. Meanwhile, he developed creatively as a musician, citing diverse influences that range from the British Invasion, to after-dinner sing-a-longs on Lake Ontario, to the jazz style of his stepfather, Clem Moorman. Ever passionate and rarely content to settle for less than excellent, he has combined his wide range of talents to create meaningful songs, invent groundbreaking vehicles for unique musical performances, and pass on his craft to his daughters.


Randy’s love of music, mechanics, and family can be seen in his many accomplishments, including his debut album Blue Tornado, the creation of the Mackie Muscle Car, and the release of his newest single, “McClapton”.  In addition to working on his follow-up album, he is also working on a split record with his daughter, Kristin.